Terms of Transactions

Cash Transactions

Exchange rates given via telephone may change in short periods of time, even within one minute, therefore they usually differ from the ones received on the spot.

Customers who want the possibility to arrange for a certain price, may deposit an advance in Dukato Exchange Offices to secure exchange rate. Such advance is not binding in regard to making transaction in our office and we will return it at any given moment, if no transaction has been concluded. If Customer has concluded the exchange transaction, the deposited advance will be kept until the moment of its settlement, and the terms will not change regardless of changes on the currency market.Customer Loyalty Card

Customer Loyalty Card

Customer Loyalty Card is issued to Customers who have made a single transaction for amount exceeding the equivalent of 20 000 PLN.

Customer with such Card has the right to make telephone arrangement in regard to price for a specific exchange amount, for a time not exceeding two hours. In the case of price arrangement, the Customer is obliged to comply with concluded verbal agreement. Customer should carry out such transaction in the office contacted by telephone. Regular Costumer with Customer Loyalty Card is also entitled to a discount in the amount of 0,002 PLN in the case of the following transactions: USD, EUR, CHF, GBP, CAD,AUD, CZK and 0,0002 PLN in the case of these transactions: SEK, DKK, NOK, HUF.

Non-cash Transactions via Transfer

1. Customer signs Contract to Perform Currency Exchange with a representative of Dukato Exchange Offices. It is also available in electronic form after requesting it, by sending an e-mail to: dukato@dukato.szczecin.pl. Such Contract does not oblige to carry out the transaction. Signing and submitting it in the form of a scan attached to e-mail or in traditional form is required to complete the non-cash transaction. In addition, you need to attach a photocopy or scan of the ID card to the contract.
2. The Customer via telephone by calling the following number: (+48) 508-100-908 concludes the transaction with Currency Exchange Office for non-cash purchase or sale of the currency, also the amount is determined, price at which the currency conversion occurs and bank accounts through which the parties will make the transfer of funds.
3. Customer has 30 minutes to order a transfer to the account of Currency Exchange Office and submit to Currency Exchange Office transfer order confirmation in electric form via e-mail or personally.
4. Until the moment, when the funds are credited to Currency Exchange Office’s account, the price is the same.
5. Dukato Currency Exchange Office in the fastest possible time from the moment, when funds are credited to its account, makes transfer to the Customer or provides the funds in cash, in accordance with prior arrangement.

Forward Transactions

We provide the possibility to conclude the forward transactions without limiting the amount and time. Such transactions must be secured by funds deposited in Dukato Currency Exchange offices in cash form or non-cash form, amounting to 5% of the value of the transaction.