Western-Union Transfers

Western Union Company

It is a recognized company, with more than 150-year tradition of offering instant money transfers in more than 510 thousand units in over 200 countries worldwide. Millions of people around the world have trusted this company and they are sending and receiving money every day. In Poland, Bank Pekao SA and companies cooperating with the Bank, among others Dukato Currency Exchange Offices, are the largest network of Western Union representatives.

Western Union money transfers


Do you need a fast, easy and safe way to send money anywhere in the world? Take advantage of the international money transfer service Western Union, which will allow you to transfer money within 15 minutes. International Western Union Money Transfers are intended only for individuals. In most countries, transfers are made in the currency of the country, while in some countries it may also be possible to perform transaction in another currency. The maximum amount of the single transfer sent from Poland is equivalent to 7499 USD in PLN. Transfers received in Poland (posted abroad) have no restrictions on the amount.

Western Union Service also includes national transfers, which are implemented based on the standards set for International Money Transfers of Western Union.

Receiving money transfer

Western Union transfer may be received only by a person indicated on the transfer by first and last name, in all Dukato Currency Exchange Offices. To receive such transfer, you will need a valid identification document and transfer information received from the sender i.e. first and last name of the sender, expected amount of the transfer, country of origin and 10-digit control number of the transfer (MTCN). The entire procedure of transfer receipt should not take more than 10 minutes.

Sending money transfer

You may send Western Union Transfer by going to one of the Dukato Currency Exchange Office with valid photo identification document (ID card, passport, driving license, permanent residence card). You will be charged a certain fee for the transfer, which must be added to the amount that you want to send. The cashier will issue you a confirmation, which includes 10-digit MTCN number that must be given to the recipient of the money transfer. The entire procedure of sending the money transfer should not take longer than 10 minutes.

Detailed information on the terms of transfer payment, currencies and exchange rates are provided by the consultants of the Western Union Helpline – call 801 120 224 or 0048 22 591 2224.